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Salvaging whats left after the masses have had their feed


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Agitprop artist: Carrie Moyer

2004_run_bush_run_buttonCarrie Moyer has a history of producing often controversial agitprop art, particularly through her work with Dyke Action Machine! She spoke with Katrina Fox.

Are we rebels? Zine-making, dissent and identity


Zines_counting_crowsWith its DIY ethic and long association with political subcultures of dissent, is zine-making by nature an anti-commercial activity? Sarah Langston spoke to zinesters across the globe – and found some often polarised views.

Activist artist: Rio Rossellini

rio_portrait1British artist Rio Rossellini has a passion for dolphins and cetaceans. This has inspired her art in both a personal and political sense. She spoke with Katrina Fox.