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Salvaging whats left after the masses have had their feed


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Noah: A win for animals but misses the mark on feminism and race

Woman-Noah-200The biblical blockbuster movie is to be applauded for its strong vegan message, but the filmmakers’ inability or refusal to apply their apparent concern for animals to historically marginalised groups of people is disappointing, writes Ruby Hamad.

Girls are not peripheral: Time to kill the ‘Smurfette principle’

Hermione_GrangerStrong female characters such as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series and Sookie Stackhouse of True Blood fame are one way of killing off the notion that boys are the norm and girls merely a variation of the ‘norm’, writes Natalie Wilson.

Am I supposed to be offended when someone calls me a MILF?

MILFAn ardent feminist since she was a young girl, Wilson Diehl wonders why – now she has a baby of her own – she loves being called a MILF.

Why I walked the SlutWalk


SlutwalkAt first Zenobia Frost wasn't quite sure about this controversial movement, but research and participation gave her a greater appreciation for the cause.