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For archived articles on Feminism, click here: [Archived - Feminism]

Is it ‘unfeminist’ to hate your body?

BodyimageDoes concerning yourself with issues relating to body image and vanity make you a non-feminist? Rebecca Cleaver examines the double-whammy of guilt many women feel every time they feel bad about their appearance:? Guilt for eating that slice of chocolate cake, and guilt for feeling guilt over such an anti-feminist concern.?

A guide to feminist erotic modeling

FeministModellingHow do you reconcile the principles of feminism with nude or erotic modeling? Refusing to cover up your flaws and working with ethical photographers are among two of the suggestions offered by Lori Adorable in her guide for feminist models.

When feminists disagree: censorship versus solidarity

CensorshipFeminism clearly entails a multi-perspective, multi-faceted way of thinking about equality and rights, so what happens when feminists violently disagree with each other? Erin Stewart investigates protests, disinvitations and the exclusion of feminists in debates and wonders what implications this will have on solidarity and feminism as activism.