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When grieving a celebrity goes too far

Celebrity-200While grief is a natural part of life, Celebrity Worship Syndrome can cause some people to experience extreme anxiety and loss when a famous person dies, writes Maria Schindlecker.

How to alleviate compassion fatigue

Compassion-fatigue-200Caring too much can hurt. When a caregiver provides care to another without practising authentic, sustainable self-care practices on a daily basis, a secondary traumatic stress syndrome known as compassion fatigue can occur. Patricia Smith explains a model of caregiving that can avoid the syndrome.

Emotional vampires leave you drained

Emotional_vampiresThey wont be wearing a black cape or rise from their coffins at night. They may be harder to stop, but emotional vampires are everywhere, sucking away your life and positive energy, writes Lynda Renham-Cook.

The fragmented family: Parental Alienation

ParentalAlienationParental Alienation occurs when one parent turns a child against the other parent, and it can devastate relationships, writes Lynda Renham-Cook.

How Big Pharma changed the nature of depression in Japan

bigpharmasmallDifferent cultures have unique expressions, descriptions, and understandings for the states of being that parallel western depression, and by applying a one-size-fits-all notion of depression around the world, we run the risk of obscuring the social meaning and response the experience might be indicating. But that didn’t stop pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline from investing its resources into how to market depression in Japan – a move that made its antidepressant pill Paxil a best seller in the country, writes Ethan Watters.