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Are you ready for deep, personal transformation?

Butterfly-200If you’re not happy with your life as it is, chances are you haven’t yet owned your ‘shadow’ side. Doing this is essential to live on purpose, writes Sonia Friedrich.

Self-compassion: An essential ingredient for change makers

Apple-words-200Being kind to yourself isn’t just about patching yourself up so you can head back out onto the battlefield to fight for social justice. It’s a personal and political act which shows that you are worthy of being valued, cared for and loved, writes Julie Catt.

Breaking down barriers: Accessible yoga for mental health

Yoga-nature-200Sydney yoga teacher Sarah de Graaff is on a mission to bring the spiritual practice to those unable to afford a yoga class and dealing with complex mental health issues. She spoke with Liz Bowie.

Conscious parenting: A crucial tool for social change

Conscious-parents-200After coming close to hitting one of his children, John Edwards knew it was time to redefine parenting away from traditional models involving punishment and discipline to a calm and collaborative approach. He believes the ripple effects of conscious parenting can benefit people, animals and the planet.

Why activists need to practise yoga

Maha Mudra-yogapic-200Forget the designer leggings or fitness aspect, the introspective practices of yoga can be a valuable guide for social change advocates, writes Jivamukti yoga teacher and Sea Shepherd crew member Anna Greer.