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Salvaging whats left after the masses have had their feed


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Protestors hung out to dry by mainstream media

Protest-200The media blackout on alternative viewpoints to the dominant narrative is the key tactic to hold back progressive change. Indeed, it is perhaps the last force to prevent it at all, writes Jay Baker.

Social networking is killing our social lives

The old days where friends would meet and chat aimlessly without distraction was long gone. These days, social media and what’s happening on Facebook and the like rule our world, writes Maria Schindlecker.

Similarities between collaborative consumption and open-source technology

CollaborationWorking with open-source technology firm Red Hat inspired Tim Hyer to start Rentcycle. He offers five shared principles between the two.

Nobody rides for free: The true cost of social media

SocialMediaWe may think that social media is ‘free’, but users are simply commodities whose value is determined not just by how many of us there are, but by the real price we are paying for social media: the amount of personal information we freely give out over the networks to?companies' actual customers, their advertisers, writes Beth Ingalls.