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Murdoch and Miliband: Cutting the ties between media and politics?

news-of-the-worldIf the UK Labour party gets re-elected after the refusal by party leader Ed Miliband to grovel to the Murdoch press, like so many politicians before him, this may prove there need be be no influential link between the media and politics, writes Jay Baker.

Media complicit in rise of xenophobia

MediaxenophobiaAs European leaders increasingly question the concept of Europe without borders and follow each other in announcing the end of multiculturalism, the media response has been mostly to present migrants as destabilising Europe’s labour markets and welfare states, writes Zoltán Dujisin.

Fact or just close approximation?

CheckfactsThe ‘fake’ quote attributed to Martin Luther King that did the rounds of social media recently is a timely reminder to writers to check the validity of information before sharing it, writes Kate Geiselman.