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Hey Ellen, A ‘little bit of leather’ is no better than a ‘little bit of homophobia’

Ellen-200Vegan brands show Ellen Degeneres how it’s done in wake of backlash against the TV host’s new shoe line, says lesbian author of new book on vegan businesses.

14 September, 2015

Olsenhaus, Vegan Style, Bourgeois Boheme and Ethical Wares are among a growing number of shoe brands demonstrating that you don’t need animal products to be stylish.

Each one shares their secrets of success in a new book, Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business. Author Katrina Fox, an award-winning British-born, Australia-based journalist, says TV host Ellen Degeneres needs to follow their lead and ditch leather from her shoe line that she launched this week.

“Vegan shoe companies across the globe have been proving for years – in some cases decades – that it’s possible to have a successful business without using leather. Whether it’s sensible walking shoes to outrageous, decadent heels and everything in between, animals don’t need to suffer horrendous cruelty for style or comfort,” says Fox.

“Ellen’s representatives have been quoted in the media as saying her new line contains only ‘a little bit’ of leather – as if that’s acceptable. But that’s like saying a little bit of homophobia is ok. It’s not. Ellen has been a wonderful, outspoken advocate for animals. She and her wife Portia went vegan after witnessing the unspeakable abuse inflicted on animals for food. The same kind of horrors are experienced by animals killed for leather.

“I urge Ellen to follow the lead of the vegan shoe brands who are pioneering fashion with compassion.” 

Fox’s comments come as animal advocates expressed disappointment this week when Degeneres launched her new shoe line, ED by Ellen. Manufactured by the Camuto Group in Brazil and marketed and sold through Bergdorf Goodman in New York, the line features leather boots.

A petition has been started by Global Conservation Group.

Image: Tulane Public Relations via Creative Commons licence.