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Why are so many people showing up at the Bentley Blockade?

Protestors-James-Wills-200The Bentley Blockade is set to become one of the biggest non-violent direct actions in the Australian environment movement. The anti gas mining campaign is spreading across social media with the words ‘I showed up, will you show up?’ and thousands of people are responding. Julie-Ann Henninger investigates why this campaign has attracted such diverse support and asks a range of 'protectors' why they are showing up.

Property owners should pay communities for increase in their land values

Earth200As long as the Earth's natural resources are not shared, our world will continue to experience a wide and diverse array of societal illnesses, including, but not limited to, economic injustice, wealth inequality, business recessions, and environmental destruction. Martin Adams proposes a radical economic reform of the system.

Cowspiracy: The film environmental organisations don’t want you to see

Cows-200So controversial is the subject matter of a new eco-documentary that funders backed out and many environmental groups refused to give interviews to the filmmakers. Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn talk to Alison Waters about their inspiration for making the film, the setbacks they faced – and overcame – to get it produced and the dirty secret that few people in the sustainability movement want to address.

Animal agriculture: A huge waste of water

RiverWater scarcity is a reality in many parts of the world, and there is a rapidly growing gap between the demand for water and its supply. Fifty percent of all the water used on earth is utilized for animal agriculture, and timely correction of this vastly archaic system should be at the heart of any global water management strategy, writes Dr Richard Oppenlander.

Youth score victory in fight to save Great Barrier Reef

AYCC-Ella-Weisbrot-200In the face of a climate crisis and as the government sits in denial of climate change, the Australian Youth Climate Change Coalition (AYCC) recently inspired the nation to rally together to protect the world’s largest coral reef. Liz Bowie speaks with the group’s NSW co-ordinator Ella Weisbrot

Indonesia’s forests: Paper trail to destruction

IndonesiaIndonesia’s vanishing natural forests and wildlife species are testament to deforestation out of control. Government inaction, corruption, illegal logging and the complicity of high profile companies have made for a toxic mix that not even a moratorium on logging can effectively address, writes Susannah Waters.