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For archived articles on human social justice, click here : [Archived - Human Social Justice]

Why the Abbott Government is doomed to self-destruction

Prime Minister Tony Abbott-200Australia’s Abbott Government is a “sucker” for a host of economic fallacies. That is why its self-destruction is assured, writes economist Bill Waters.

A fee for failure: Paying to go bankrupt makes no sense

Fee-failure-200Consumer advocates and financial counsellors have expressed their opposition to a new fee aimed at people filing for voluntary bankruptcy in Australia, arguing that the fee will further disadvantage individuals and families who are already struggling under the weight of unmanageable debt, writes Alison Waters.

Reflections on Tony Benn

Tony-Benn-image-credit-Pryere-200Tony Benn spent nearly 50 years as a Labour Member of the British Parliament.  He was a proponent of democratic socialism, a vegetarian and an advocate of humane social values. Benn, a radical social reformer, was vilified by big business, demonised by the media and targeted by the right-wing majority of his own party. He died on 14 March 2014, aged 88. Bill Waters reflects on Benn’s lengthy career. 

Eating for peace: An interview with Dr Will Tuttle

Will-Tuttle-headshot-200On the eve of the Australian leg of his world speaking tour, Dr Will Tuttle talks with Katrina Fox about his bestselling book The World Peace Diet and how our food choices impact our culture, the environment and our own sensibilities.

4 February 2014

Government spending cuts will result in larger budget deficit

Dollar-200Australia’s Abbott government, like many Western governments, is adopting austerity policies in an attempt to ‘rein in’ its budget deficit. But history tells us that massive cuts to government spending will not achieve the aim of a balanced budget. Rather, the measures will lead to higher unemployment, shrinking government revenue and, inevitably, a growing budget deficit, writes Bill Waters.

A Freudian slip: Interview with Jeffrey Masson


In 1980 as Project Director of the Sigmund Freud Archives, Dr Jeffrey Masson uncovered documents that led him to believe Freud made a mistake when he stopped believing that the source of much human misery lay in sexual abuse. His view was so controversial among his peers that he was fired from the archives and his membership of the International Psycho-Analytical Association revoked. In this video interview with Katrina Fox, the bestselling author of 29 books on human and animal psychology discusses the costs of whistleblowing, the psychological disorders of corporations and why transparency is vital to an organisation’s health.