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Editor-in-Chief/Publisher: Katrina Fox

Katrina-Fox-headshot-200Katrina Fox is a freelance writer and editor, originally from London and based in Sydney, Australia since 2001. Katrina has worked on staff as a reporter, features writer, sub-editor and editor on a range of consumer, trade and public sector publications in areas including the arts, trade unionism, social justice, human resources, sustainable building and social housing.

Her work has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC's The Drum, News Limited's The Punch, Yen, Cleo, Natural Health & Vegetarian Life, Mindfood, Slimming & Health and Time Out London, among many others. She has also written extensively for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, sex and/or gender diverse, queer press internationally, including Diva, Curve, LOTL, SX and was the launch editor of Cherrie magazine.

Katrina is associate editor of The Animal Effect ethical leadership magazine for senior executives and the editor of several books on topics as diverse as sex, gender and sexuality diversity, hypnosis and self-help, and is a passionate animal rights advocate and vegan.

She provides media and mindset coaching and training to social change makers and socially conscious entrepreneurs and business people.

Read more about Katrina on her website here.


Associate Editor: Ruby Hamad

RubyHamad-curlRuby Hamad is a Sydney-based writer. She has written for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, ABC Unleashed, Crikey, and New Matilda. Her passion is pursuing social justice, including justice for the most vulnerable amongst us, non-human animals.

She has a somewhat neglected blog, which she keeps meaning to attend to, and a twitter feed.



 Associate Editor: Creatrix Tiara

Creatrix-Tiara-200-curlCreatrix Tiara is an interdisciplinary iconoclast exploring the liminality of being a queer female migrant minority through performance art, writing, music, and whatever form fits the message best.

She is currently completing an MFA in Creative Inquiry at the California Institute of Integral Studies while also actively participating in community activist art around the Bay Area.

She will return to Australia in mid 2014 and is actively looking for opportunities in Brisbane and beyond to apply her skills, education, and networking acquired in the US.

Find out more about Tiara here.


 Associate Editor: Susannah Waters

Susannah-Waters-200-curl-croppedSusannah Waters is a Sydney-based freelance writer who enjoys writing about social justice, environmental, and animal rights issues.

Since finishing her Master’s degree in journalism in 2010, she has written mainly for independent media such as The Scavenger and Discordia Zine, and has also been a features writer for a mainstream title.

Susannah has always had a strong interest in wildlife conservation and animal protection. Throughout the last decade she has dedicated time to working as a volunteer in animal sanctuaries and rescue centres throughout Asia. Her experiences have coloured and encouraged her writing.

Susannah was shortlisted for the 2011 Voiceless Media Prize (Print/Online) for three of her articles for The Scavenger.


Associate Editor: Jay Baker

JayBaker-200-curlJay Baker is an author, documentarian, social justice campaigner and social entrepreneur from Sheffield, England who has over 10 years of experience as a media activist in both Britain and North America, where he has helped start up numerous non-profit organisations and delivered talks to audiences of thousands.

A believer in information as the key to positive social change, he founded the alternative media social enterprise, SilenceBreaker Media, in 2010, and is dedicated to utilising multimedia and humour to raise awareness of important issues.

Jay's website is, and you can find him on Twitter at MediaActivist.


Associate Editor: Lynda Renham-Cook


Lynda Renham has been writing for as long as she can remember and had her first work published in a magazine at nine years of age. She has had several poems published as well as articles in various magazines and newspapers and has taken part in radio discussions on the BBC.

Lynda has lived in the Middle East and has an interest in Asia.

She loves children but is unable to have children of her own. She understands and supports others in the same situation and has worked to highlight the difficulty childless people face integrating in a society where family life is assumed.

Lynda is famous for her romantic comedy novels. She has been called ‘A Comedian in a Book’, ‘Chicklit Royalty’ and ‘A Comic Genius’. Her writing style has been liked to Sophie Kinsella but is refreshingly down to earth with characters that become your friends.

Lynda is a prolific writer, blogger and when not writing can usually be found wasting her time on Facebook.

She lives in Oxfordshire with her second husband and cat.

Visit her website for more info and follow her on Twitter: @lyndarenham


Associate Editor: Liz Bowie

Liz-Bowie-200-curlLiz Bowie is a freelance writer and editor based in the Blue Mountains.

She has a special interest in animal rights, plant based health and the environment.

Liz wrote a regular column for Vegan Voice and her work has appeared in Natural Health and Vegetarian Life and Cherrie Magazine among others.

She was editor for the book, ‘Through the eyes of a cow,’ writes short stories and is also a singer/songwriter.


Associate Ediitor: Alison Waters

AlisonWaters-200-curlAlison Waters is based in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

She developed a passion for creative writing as a young child. In recent years, Alison wrote a regular column for Vegan Voice about her experiences of parenting ‘tiny vegans’.  

Alison’s writing to-date has focused on animal rights; parenting issues like pregnancy, homebirth and breastfeeding; and vegan family life.

Alison holds bachelor degrees in Social Work and Arts (Welfare Studies).

She blogs at Made of Stars.


 Associate Editor: Tiffany Lowana

Tiff-200-curlTiffany Lowana is the Associate Editor of LOTL magazine.

She writes regularly for its best-selling New York sister publication, Curve.

Commissioned covers have showcased Isabella Rossellini, Rosie O’Donnell and Heather Peace.

Tiff has a Bachelor of Professional and Creative Writing and also has a major in History (Koori and The Holocaust).

She was recently accepted into Archer magazine alongside Christos Tsiolkas, and was offered a Government Grant to create the first grassroots Writers’ Festival in Sydney.

For LOTL, the Scorpion has profiled controversial UK feminist Sheila Jeffreys, Booker Prize Shortlisted writer Emma Donoghue, and Australian laureates Dorothy Porter, Fiona McGregor and Deborah Conway.

She has also written for Whales Alive and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

Tiff has a weakness for Patti Smith, tattoos, photography, scotch and Europe. And if she were religious, she’d pray for a Vegan Revolution.