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What happens when this stray dog gets hit by a car and finds a homeless man

Uplifting-animal-dog-broken-leg-200There are some wonderful organisations out there doing good for people, animals and planet. In this video, Register for self-service experienceLA on Cloud 9, an organisation that helps homeless people and their pets with essential care, contacted Hope for Paws, a dog rescue charity after a stray dog who was hit by a car found refuge with a homeless man. Heartwarming stuff.



What happens to this paralysed baby goat will make your heart sing

Frosty2-200When Frosty the baby snow goat arrived at Edgar’s Mission animal sanctuary in Australia, he was in seriously bad shape. Along with a severe case of lice infestation and dehydration, Frosty had a debilitating joint disease that left his hind legs motionless. But sanctuary founder Pam Ahern didn’t give up on him. Watch the heartwarming video to see how she and her team instigated Frosty’s journey to healing.




For updates on Frosty and the other animals, visit the Edgar’s Mission website.

Image: Via Edgar's Mission.

Elephant love: Shirley and Jenny reunite after 20 years

Animal-Elephants-Shirley-Jenny-jpgThey say elephants never forget. These two beautiful creatures recognised each other at a sanctuary in the US after nearly two decades apart. Watch what they do to get closer to each other.

Interspecies love: Cat adopts ducklings

Catduck-200When an Irish couple spotted their cat with a duckling in her mouth, they feared the worst. Then something unexpected (and seriously cute!) happened. Enjoy this little slice of inter-species love.

Happy cows jumping for joy

Animal-Cows-happy-jpgThey’re not ‘silly’ or ‘dumb’. Cows are intelligent and love to play – as this video shows. A group of animal activists in Germany saved these gorgeous bovines from death.