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Dancer loses his leg then wows audience

Uplifting-people-breakdancer-200For most dancers, losing their leg would be devastating and the end of their career, dreams and aspirations. But not for this guy. Check out his moves!






Eighty-year-old woman shocks and inspires millions with this performance

PaddyNico-200When 80-year-old Paddy took to the stage and started her act with dance partner Nico, everyone - including the judges - was bored. Until something spectacular, shocking and magical happened.

She’s 93 years old and still teaching yoga

People-Yogateacher-jpgRecognised as the world’s oldest yoga teacher by the Guinness Book of Records, Tao Porchon-Lynch proves that age does not have to hold you back. She also loves to enter dance competitions.

Possibly the best flash mob ever

People-cancer-flashmob-jpgThis group of cancer survivors inspired the folks around them with an uplifting song ‘Closer to Free’ and some cool dance moves.

Helen Keller speaks about the human condition

People-HelenKeller-jpgIn this short historic video clip, the inspirational Helen Keller explains why being blind and deaf is not frustrating to her and what she’s come to understand about people.